I-25 PEL Study: Colorado Springs Denver South Connection Questionnaire

The purpose of the PEL study is to identify and prioritize future projects that address the identified transportation needs in the I-25 South corridor including the primary need to improve safety, travel reliability, and mobility between Monument and C-470.

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Question 1 of 7
Now that "The Gap" portion of I-25 is under construction, what do you feel are the MOST important transportation needs in the corridor? (Choose 3)
Less congestion on I-25
Less congestion at interchanges
More reliable travel time
Safety (e.g shoulder widths, roadway geometry and curves)
Additional travel mode options (e.g passenger rail, and increased Bustang service)
Better access to the interstate
Improved emergency response/incident management
Improved Roadway Technology (e.g. lighting and connected vehicle technology)
Roadway information systems (e.g. mobile notifications and video message boards)


Question 2 of 7
CDOT's potential vision for the broader corridor from Monument to C-470 (beyond the Gap) is as follows:
Two new travel lanes each direction on I-25 between monument and C-470, including:
  • One Express Lane in each direction
    • Monument to Castle Rock (the Gap) Express Lanes (one each direction) already under construction
    • Continue Express Lanes (one in each direction) from "the Gap" to C-470/E-470 Express Lane in each direction
  • One additional travel lane in each direction (Manage Lane or General Purpose Lane)
Do you feel that his vision meets the transportation needs of the corridor?


Question 3 of 7
Do you have any specific concerns about CDOT's potential vision for the corridor?


Question 4 of 7
Are there additional or other roadway improvements CDOT should consider to address transportation needs in the corridor?


Question 5 of 7
CDOT's recommendation for the corridor includes improvements to the existing Bustang transit service. Do you use the Bustang service?


Question 6 of 7
If you do not use the Bustang service, please explain why?


Question 7 of 7
Do you have any additional comments or concerns about the I-25 PEL study?

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